ZOZO Technologies announced on January 18 that it will introduce a “national telecommuting system” that allows employees to work anywhere in Japan. With the introduction of this system, we are recruiting 30 new engineers and designers.

Since August 2019, we have introduced a telework full flextime system, and have been promoting online communication for all communications, including meetings and recruitment interviews. However, he had to live within the range where he could come to work in case of an emergency, and could not provide the opportunity to work for those who live far from the office location.

However, as the new coronavirus infectious disease (COVID-19) spreads from 2020 and all staff are working from home in principle, we have created an environment where communication is more efficient and high performance can be demonstrated without going to work. That is.

Under the nationwide telecommuting system, the place of work is a place where individuals can work comfortably, and there are no restrictions. Existing employees are also subject to this system, and there are no restrictions on the area of ​​residence.