On November 11, Mercari and Japan Post will be able to receive products traded on the flea market app “Mercari” non-face-to-face at the location specified by the recipient on the delivery service “Yuyu Mercari” provided by both companies. Announced that it will start offering postal services from the same day.

  • Overview of “Yuyu Mercari” delivery service

  • The pick-up locations that can be specified are delivery boxes, front door / front door keyed containers, meter boxes, storerooms or garages, and mail boxes.

With this service, recipients can receive products purchased at “Mercari” non-face-to-face at designated locations, “it is difficult to receive packages on weekdays,” “wasteful time to wait for delivery,” and “re-delivery.” It solves the problem of “it is troublesome to complete the delivery procedure”. It can also be used as a countermeasure against infectious diseases such as the new coronavirus.

The usage and procedure of this service are as follows.

  1. Select “Delivery Address” on the “Purchase Procedure” screen when purchasing a product
  2. Select “Receive at specified location” on the “Address list” screen
  3. Select the designated storage location, check the payment method, delivery address, precautions for delivery, pop-up, and purchase the product.
  4. The package will be delivered to the specified location
  • How to use and procedure