Yokosuka City and Rakuten announced on November 18 that they have signed a comprehensive cooperation agreement aimed at further revitalizing the region and improving citizen services in the city. This is the first time that the company has signed a comprehensive cooperation agreement in Kanagawa Prefecture.

Based on the agreement, both parties will start cooperation and collaboration on the following six items.

  1. Matters concerning unmanned delivery by UGV and drone and solution of regional issues by safe airspace management
  2. Matters concerning promotion of tourism promotion
  3. Matters concerning promotion of hometown tax payment
  4. Matters concerning promotion of EC of city businesses
  5. Matters concerning human resource development support in collaboration with high schools, etc.
  6. Matters concerning activation of Yokosuka town

Since 2019, both companies have been providing delivery services for general users using automatic delivery robots (UGV: Unmanned Ground Vehicle) and drones for a limited time. Going forward, we will continue to promote further cooperation toward the realization of unmanned delivery that solves regional issues, including demonstrations of automatic delivery robots running on public roads in residential areas in the city, which is scheduled to start in December 2020. It is.