While teleworking was forced due to the influence of the new coronavirus, tasks that could not be dealt with remotely became apparent. One such task is accounting, which includes processing paper invoices.

In Prime Strategy, there were originally three members involved in accounting work, but due to organizational reform, Chie Shono of the Accounting Division of the Administration Department is now in charge of accounting work alone. In principle, the company will work from home even after the state of emergency is lifted. Under such circumstances, I heard about how Mr. Shiro Ikuno is carrying out his accounting work.

  • Prime Strategy Management Department Accounting Division Chie Shono

Moved to the cloud before the appearance of the new coronavirus

With the advent of the new coronavirus, the computerization of accounting operations has been attracting attention, but Prime Strategy has an accounting system and an ordering system so that accounting operations can be performed even by remote work even before the infection of the new coronavirus spreads. Was running on a cloud service.

As a matter of fact, it was just replaced with freee’s accounting cloud service this term. When asked why, he said that he needed a service that could comply with laws and regulations in preparation for listing. Therefore, “I wasn’t in a hurry when I had to work from home because of the new coronavirus,” says Mr. Shirono.

Mr. Shirono points out that one of the advantages of freee’s service is that forms can be attached as electronic data. As a result, processing can be performed using only accounting data, and the work time has been shortened. The service I used before didn’t have this feature, so I used to manage accounts receivable and receivables in Excel.

In addition, freee has a function to automate the posting work and journal entry of transaction contents, but Prime Strategy also utilizes such automation function, Mr. Shirokuno says, “Freee has advanced automation.” ..

It is often said that the advantage of cloud services is that users do not have to upgrade the version, which was also beneficial for Mr. Joikuno.

Use the cloud to reduce the time and effort required for auditing

Cloud-based accounting systems have also brought great benefits to auditing. In the past, audits were conducted by accountants visiting the company, but remote inspections are now possible. By attaching electronic data to the sorting of accounting data, the transaction status can be clarified.

In the face-to-face visit, it took time to issue the form, but with the introduction of the cloud service, it is only necessary to look at the accounting data. In addition, it is necessary to confirm the contents of the approval for borrowings, but it seems that data can be easily prepared with the accounting cloud service.

From April this year, Prime Strategy has been working from home in principle, and plans to withdraw the current main office by the end of the year. In other words, working from home is the standard way of working, and Mr. Shiro Ikuno basically works from home.

Had the cloud-based accounting system not been built, Mr. Shirokuno would not have been able to survive the audit by working from home in Corona. Perhaps there was an accountant who was forced to come to work for an audit even under the state of emergency.

Communication is one of the challenges of working from home. Compared to the environment where people work face-to-face, communication tends to be delayed. To avoid that situation, Prime Strategy builds a departmental site for Microsoft Teams, gathers there when they come to work, and stays with Teams during work.

As a result, “when I have a business, I can feel free to talk to him,” says Mr. Joikuno. By gathering and working in a virtual space, it seems that we can create an atmosphere of working together even if we cannot see each other.

Future issues are how to deal with the Electronic Bookkeeping Law

Although it is a prime strategy that also handles audits by remote work, it is said that the so-called “de-hanko”, which omits the stamping of documents by electronic signature, is a future task. Recently, the Minister of State for Special Missions Taro Kono has made a statement to the government ministries and agencies requesting the abolition of stamps on documents, and the movement to abolish stamps is spreading in administrative procedures. Along with this, private companies may also introduce a system for removing stamps.

In October of this year, the Electronic Bookkeeping Law was amended to ease the requirements for storing electronic data. As a result, if the invoice received electronically has the issuer’s time stamp, the receiving side does not need the time stamp. In addition, cloud services have become available as a method of sending and receiving electromagnetic records using systems and services that cannot be modified or deleted by the recipient has been approved.

If data such as invoices are stored in an appropriate format, the work of scanning paper receipts and invoices becomes unnecessary, and processing and storage are completed by receiving digital data, which imposes a burden on accounting work. It will be reduced. The Prime Strategy also has an issue of dealing with this electronic bookkeeping method.

The infection with the new coronavirus has not subsided and is about to enter the third wave. In the future, it will be indispensable to develop operations that can be handled by remote work from various perspectives such as business continuity and maintaining employee health.