Unilab raises 1.44 billion yen Strengthen recruitment of human resources to launch the ordering SaaS business

On November 16th, Unilab, which provides the BtoB ordering platform “Aimitsu,” raised 1.44 billion yen as Series B through a third-party allocation of new shares and loans to Spiral Capital, Japan Post Capital, etc. Announced. Strengthen recruitment of human resources to launch “Aimitsu CLOUD”, a newly developed ordering SaaS business. Also, on the same day, prior to the start of the service, pre-registration of “Aimitsu CLOUD” was also started.

Established in 2012, Unilab started the BtoB ordering platform “Aimitsu” in 2014. After seven years of capital management since its establishment, it raised its first fund as Series A in June 2019, and the total amount of financing has reached 2.1 billion yen. Since the service started, both the number of users and the number of listed companies have steadily increased, and sales of “Aimitsu” have maintained stable growth of 170% compared to last year in FY12 / 20.

In recent years, due to the spread of the new coronavirus infection, issues such as difficulty in approaching new BtoB service sales due to the telecommuting of the person in charge at the sales destination have become apparent. Under these circumstances, the number of people who want to be listed on “Aimitsu” is increasing in order to acquire potential customers. On the other hand, even on the ordering company side, the use of “Aimitsu” is increasing rapidly due to management efficiency and cost reduction, and the number of ordering companies that use the monthly billing format is about 1000 (more than 200% compared to last year). Is said to have reached.

With the vision of “creating an infrastructure that transforms orders,” Unilab sees these social changes as innovation opportunities for orders, and centrally manages various data and know-how related to orders distributed within the company. It is said that it has led to the launch of “Aimitsu CLOUD”, an ordering SaaS business that aims to improve operational efficiency by reducing the number of operations related to ordering as much as possible. The funds raised this time will be used to strengthen the recruitment of human resources for the launch of “Aimitsu CLOUD”, and it is planned to hire about 100 full-time employees in the next 1-2 years, mainly engineers and business staff.

Ordering SaaS business “Aimitsu CLOUD”

With this funding, Norio Kuriyama, CEO of Unilab, said, “Since its founding, we have been able to steadily grow the Aimitsu business with the vision of” creating an infrastructure that transforms orders. ” Starting with Series A in June, we have recently completed the financing of Series B, and we have received great expectations from investors. In addition, the needs of our customers have been a solid response even in the Corona disaster. The “ordering reform” that we are working on is not just to obtain estimates, but to form a large platform that can accumulate big data on ordering. We will use the funds raised this time for further services. We will strive to realize our vision for improvement and business expansion. “

Investors also commented as follows.

■ Spiral Capital Partner Takashi Chiba

We strongly sympathize with Unilab’s vision of “creating an infrastructure that transforms orders and orders,” and have made an investment this time. Although the ordering of service services is a huge market, there are still many issues such as information asymmetry in selecting a business operator. The sincere personality and achievements of the management team, including Mr. Kuriyama and Mr. Shibata, who are facing such issues, are excellent, and I am confident that this team will definitely be able to transform the ordering business. I will. Spiral Capital will do its utmost to support you.

■ Kenichi Kozuka, President and CEO of Japan Post Capital

We are very pleased to be able to invest in Unilab this time. What we evaluated most was the sincere and polite work of the management team, including President Kuriyama. While sympathizing with the value of “straightness” that Unilab values, we will support the challenge of creating an infrastructure that transforms ordering.

■ Mobile Internet Capital Partner Yosuke Yamanaka

Unilab is taking on the big challenge of “creating an infrastructure for ordering and ordering transformation,” and we expect that this challenge will greatly contribute to improving the quality of productivity in Japanese society as a whole. The straightforward management team and team are working diligently every day to achieve our vision, and we would like to support the business growth of UNILABO.

■ Mr. Masato Tanaka, General Manager, Investment Department, SBI Investment

“Aimitsu” is a service that greatly contributes to the efficiency of ordering between companies, and the number of companies using it is increasing every month. As society as a whole promotes digitalization, further growth is expected in the future. In the future, we believe that it has the potential to become an indispensable business foundation for ordering between companies. Taking this investment as an opportunity, we will do our utmost to support the realization of our vision of “creating an infrastructure for ordering and ordering transformation.”

■ HAKUHODO DY FUTURE DESIGN FUND Investment Limited Partnership (Operating company: Hakuhodo DY Ventures) President Akihiko Tokuhisa

“Aimitsu” can select an appropriate contractor after comparing strengths, prices, achievements, etc. while receiving advice from a dedicated concierge from contractors nationwide that cannot be found by searching. The “hybrid model of technology and humans” that has been built up by the team including President Kuriyama for many years is the key to realizing high-quality services in ordering between companies. We would like to take on the challenge together with the aim of creating a new infrastructure that will transform business-to-business transactions.

■ UB Ventures Venture Partner Yoichi Aso

The BtoB ordering market is said to amount to a total of 300 trillion yen. However, there is still a big problem in choosing the supplier. Aimitsu aims to solve this problem with a hybrid model of technology and concierge, and aim for a world where smarter and more convincing order matching can be performed. I am convinced that the future efforts that Unilab will develop will be an important platform for updating the way of business-to-business transactions in Japan and strengthening industrial competitiveness, and I would like to support its growth. thinking about.

[Series B Investors]
Spiral Capital Co., Ltd. (Lead Investor)
Japan Post Capital Co., Ltd. (Lead Investor)
Mobile Internet Capital Inc.
SBI Investment Co., Ltd.
Hakuhodo DY Ventures Co., Ltd.
Nippon Venture Capital Co., Ltd.
UB Ventures Co., Ltd.
Mitsubishi UFJ Capital Co., Ltd.
Ikemori Venture Support GK