SUPER STUDIO renews logo & mission with total distribution of EC platform

SUPER STUDIO announced on November 18 that it will renew the logo and MISSION of all services of the EC platform including “ecforce”. By integrating and renewing the logo design, the content of the services provided and their correlation will be expressed. In addition, we will strengthen our own brand development business for the purpose of research and development of EC platforms. He expressed his intention to further expand the area of ​​data and know-how that the company has and utilize it for expanding the functions of the EC platform.

EC and D2C are attracting more and more attention due to changes in consumer behavior in the world, and while many EC / D2C brands and services are expected to start in the future, SUPER STUDIO provides one-stop support for D2C brands to customers. In order to improve work efficiency and consumer experience, we have developed EC business support services and developed D2C brand R & D.

Changes in the number of shops introducing “ecforce”

On the other hand, the number of shops introduced is 250, the total annual distribution exceeds 50 billion yen, and many businesses and services such as the D2C consulting business “apollo d2c” are provided, centering on “ecforce”, which is expected to grow further in the future. As a result of the launch, the area covered by each service is very wide, and the problem that it becomes difficult to understand the boundaries of the services provided has arisen. In response to these issues, the company has renewed various service logos in order to support each company in a wider area and with concrete solutions. The new service logo expresses the content of the services provided and their correlation.

[New logo]

At the same time, the service MISSION was renewed, and the new MISSION was “maximize the customer experience of all people involved in things and things.” SUPER STUDIO has been developing its business with MISSION to “update EC”, but in recent years, consumers’ demands regarding EC itself and products have changed.

In order to provide better products and experiences to consumers, we will further strengthen the support system for the D2C business, which has mainly provided support for brand management of client companies. In addition, we will strengthen the R & D business that promotes in-house brand planning and operation, research the quality of products and the way of consumption experience, provide the knowledge to client companies, and by extension, direct it to consumers, the best products The company aims to realize a world that can provide quality and experience. The company plans to take on the challenge of new purchasing mechanisms and creativity that make full use of technology under its own brand, and utilize that knowledge and data in the creation of products and services. He expressed his intention to promote business development in a wide range of genres, starting with the “Good night projector”, a projector for sleeping children, and the cat sand “Shigunyaru”, which shows the health condition of domestic cats, which are currently being prepared for sale. ..

“Good night projector”, a projector for sleeping children

Cat sand “Shigunyaru” that shows the health status of domestic cats

The company aims to realize a world where the system does not become a bottleneck in the manufacturer’s business by utilizing the know-how gained by strengthening the R & D business not only for creating products and brands of client companies but also for improving the EC platform such as updating the functions of “ecforce”.