Sales of sheet masks collaborated with

SEKIDO, which buys and sells brand-name products, will sell sheet masks in collaboration with global artist “BTS” on November 10th (October 21st to November 20th) for half a month as of November 5th. Announced that sales are growing 63 times faster than in the first half of the year. The pace is more than 2.6 times faster than in October (September 21st to October 20th) when the number of sales increased sharply.

The sheet mask “Mediheal Bio Capsule in Love Me Mask (BTS Global Edition Set)” is a product of the Korean cosmetics brand “Mediheal” in collaboration with “BTS”, which is active in the world. Sekido sells the main brand “MEDIHEAL” of L & P COSMETIC, a Korean cosmetics manufacturing and sales company, exclusively in Japan by concluding an exclusive agency contract in Japan.

Masami Sekido, representative of SEKIDO (left photo) and Choo Kyo-In representative of L & P Cosmetics (right photo)

“BTS” single song “Dynamite” reached No. 1 on the US Billboard Song Chart, live viewing was performed at movie theaters nationwide, and the agency “Big Hit Entertainment” Was listed on the Korea Exchange, and its popularity was skyrocketing. Even at the Korean cosmetics event held by SEKIDO, it is so popular that it urgently replenishes products, and many inquiries have been received from business partners.

The sheet mask “Mediheal Bio Capsule in Love Me Mask (BTS Global Edition Set)” consists of three types of sheet masks in a heart-shaped three-dimensional capsule. Avocado oil for blue, tea tree for green, and rose hip for purple, each containing natural ingredients derived from plants, and biocellulose is used for the sheet material, making it a luxurious sheet mask.

Seven members of “BTS” (RM, SUGA, JIN, J-HOPE, JIMIN, V, JUNGKOOK) are printed on the package, and three types of sheet masks are included in it.

In the future, we aim to develop the Cosmetics Division by increasing sales of not only collaboration sheet masks with “BTS” but also “Crash landing masks” that were popular at Korean cosmetics events, other standard products, and new products.

“Mediheal” sales site (Qoo10)