Now that the era of new normal has arrived, an increasing number of companies are promoting the development of work styles that are not tied to offices or other locations, including telework. However, in reality, there are many companies that have been forced to improve the environment through some kind of rush work in response to the new coronavirus infection. Therefore, there should not be many companies that have prepared an “environment where they can work anywhere” after giving due consideration to improving productivity.

How can I build and operate a DWP? Get the hint from the download material.

The introduction of business chat and web conferencing tools, and the support for external access of existing systems are just telework maintenance for emergency response. We must not forget the viewpoint of “improvement of productivity” which should be the original purpose. Whether you’re in a real office or teleworking, you can work without sacrificing productivity. Building an environment called “Digital Workplace (DWP)” that creates such a space digitally is indispensable as an office environment in the New Normal era.

In this article, I will explain what is necessary to build a DWP and what perspectives should be taken when selecting solutions and partners from the white paper compiled by the Internet Initiative Japan (IIJ).

White paper provided by Internet Initiative Japan
IIJ’s “Digital Workplace” and its Realization Method
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The key is security and reduction of operational burden

When building a DWP, it is indispensable to make the business system in the company cloud-based and to support access from outside the company. In some cases, the existing system may be reviewed from scratch. In parallel with this, security must be watched.

As mentioned above, when constructing DWP, the cloud computing of business systems will be promoted. Inevitably, the systems used by companies will be scattered inside and outside the company, and in addition, under complete telework, the devices that access the systems will be distributed everywhere outside the company. For this reason, it is necessary to have a mechanism that can ensure security even if the system is on the outside, instead of the management division of “inside and outside of the firewall” as in the past.

Also, there are some things to keep in mind when developing the DWP. It means to proceed with the plan including not only the construction but also the subsequent operation.Since the scope of management and monitoring is greatly expanded, the operation of DWP imposes a huge load on the person in charge. If you try to operate DWP with the current system, human resources will be punctured.

How to Build a Productive Digital Workplace

It is not realistic to increase the number of IT personnel amid cries of a shortage of IT personnel. The development of DWP requires a methodology to simplify daily monitoring and operation management. So what kind of method can be considered?

The DWP recommended by IIJ incorporates the methodology just described. In a white paper, the company described DWP as “regardless of company size.Without imposing a burden on the system administratorDefined as “an environment where anyone, anywhere, and any device can work” securely and comfortably “.” The following five are listed as the main components required in the same environment.

・ Flexible and stable connection environment based on the characteristics of various cloud services
・ Dedicated private backbone and remote access environment for comfortable use of DWP
・ Services that are functional elements of DWP
・ Security and authentication functions that reduce the risk of information leakage
・ High-quality managed service to reduce the burden on behalf of system monitoring and operation management

Maintain healthy network performance that is directly linked to productivity. Strictly monitor security with the concept of zero trust.Choosing a platformer and management partner who can realize these highly is the key to DWP maintenance.It can be said that.

  • IIJ provides solutions that support the construction and operation of corporate DWP by both platformers and management partners.

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The material that can be downloaded from the link explains how DWP can be built and operated without imposing a burden on the administrator. In addition, the concept of zero trust, which is indispensable for the realization of telework, is explained in detail. Those who are involved in IT management should be very helpful.

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White paper provided by Internet Initiative Japan
IIJ’s “Digital Workplace” and its Realization Method

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