Pre-order sales and lottery application acceptance for limited special items of the cosmetics festival

Istyle, which operates the comprehensive cosmetics and beauty site “@cosme”, will sell limited special items in advance and pre-order at the event “@cosme Beauty Day” on the official online shopping site “@cosme SHOPPING” on November 16th. We have started accepting lottery applications. The lineup includes limited reprints of popular items that have already been sold out, and “@cosme” best cosmetics award-winning products.

“@Cosme Beauty Day” is an event held as an annual cosmetics festival. This year, the third time, will be held from December 1st to December 4th with the theme of “3 days to meet my best cosmetics”. Istyle will provide users with the opportunity to meet new favorite cosmetics, offering a more complete brand and product lineup than ever before, and developing various gimmicks and pre-events to liven up the event, which is recently popular. We have started accepting pre-order sales applications for special items. For some of the special items that are rarely prepared, we have also started accepting applications for pre-lottery sales.

For advance reservations, we have prepared a large number of products with the themes of “limited reprint”, “Vescos award”, “emphasis on cost performance”, “home beauty / skin care”, “home beauty / body care, hair care”, “reward cosmetics”, and “special makeup kit”. .. “Limited Reprint” is currently not available, such as “Laura Mercier”‘s “Parisian Nude Eyeshadow Palette” and “NARS”‘ s “Overlast Cheek Palette”, which were sold out shortly after their release. Popular items are available only on “@cosme Beauty Day”. The “Limited Reprint” also includes a special set that includes the best cosmetics award-winning items of all time, such as “Jennific Advanced N,” which won the second half beauty serum rookie award at “@cosme Best Cosmetics Award 2019.”

[Some of the brands that participated for the first time this year]

[Some brands that will continue to participate last year]

In the pre-lottery products, when “Amplitude” grand-opened at “@cosme SHOPPING”, we will offer valuable products and sets such as “Amplitude for Eyes” which was a big hit with a limited reprint sale. Detailed brand and item information is available on the “@cosme Beauty Day special page”.

Furthermore, on the same day, as an interlocking project of “@cosme Beauty Day”, the 15th consecutive Instagram live distribution “#Sakidori LIVE” was started. From November 16th to 30th, guests who are active in various fields such as talents, models, and Youtubers will appear, introduce tips on makeup and skin care, talk about various themes related to beauty, and “@cosme”. It is said that the hot items of “Beauty Day” will be introduced on a daily basis.

“#Sakidori LIVE” is Morning Musume. Ai Takahashi, a former member of Ai Takahashi, who is also active as an actress and model, Moeko Fukuda, a sports traveler who is a hot topic in Bachelorette, and a former Takarazuka otokoyaku star who has expanded her activities to include artists, actors, and voice actors. A variety of people who are active in various fields are scheduled to appear, such as Hiroki Nanami, a beauty-related YouTube video, and Barbie, an entertainer who is highly supported by women.

“@Cosme Beauty Day” special page