NEC Solution Innovators announced on November 12 that it will start offering the SaaS-type paperless conference service “Confor Meeting SaaS version”.

  • User’s screen image

The service enables paperless material sharing and realizes cooperation with a Web conferencing system that shares video and audio. Specifically, by setting the ID of the Web conferencing system to the service in advance, the Web conferencing system is automatically started when the conference is held.

In addition, regarding material operations, it is possible not only to see the materials displayed by the service, but also to turn pages, write notes, and check past meeting materials at the hands of participants. Furthermore, conference materials, including past materials, are not stored on the terminals of conference participants, but are encrypted and centrally managed on the cloud, so even highly confidential materials can be shared.

  • Screen image of the conference secretariat

The conference secretariat can control the progress of proceedings such as changing presenters and switching materials on the service, and the secretariat must set the proceedings (presenter, materials, time) in advance. Then, the timer on the screen can promote the progress in the time allocation decided for each agenda.

The selling price of the service is as follows, and the company aims to introduce it to 30 companies in the next year.

  • Selling price of the service