[Kazureza and quiz showdown]Euglena Nagata introduces the state of the public relations event

Euglena, which sells health foods and cosmetics made from euglena, appointed the comedy combination “Maple Chogokin” Kazureza to promote the drink-type supplement “Body ni Euglena” on November 10. At the PR event held on the same day, Kazureza and Euglena’s Vice President Akihiko Nagata played a quiz about Euglena.

[Kazureza and quiz showdown! Click here for press conference and TV commercial videos]

At the event, Kazureza, who usually wears a red suit, appeared in a green suit in Euglena color. In the quiz showdown with Vice President Nagata, we competed for wisdom about the amino acids contained in Euglena and the mechanism by which Euglena acts on immunity.

TV commercial scene ①

TV commercial scene ②