This time, I will explain how to insert a video (video) into a slide. Also, as a slightly unique usage, I will introduce how to play a video on the “background of the slide”. It will be useful to remember how to use the video, not only to show the content of the presentation in a video, but also as one of the productions to color the slides.

Insert video

First, I will explain how to insert a video (video file) into a slide. To place a video file in the “content area”, click the “insert video” icon.

  • “Insert Video” icon

Next, specify the “video file” saved on your computer and click the “Insert” button.

  • Video file selection

Then, the video (video file) is inserted into the slide and the first scene is displayed. If you click the “Play” button here, you should be able to see the video start playing. Of course, it is also possible to perform operations such as pausing on the way.

  • Video inserted on the slide

  • Video playback (confirmation)

Just in case, let’s check the operation when the slide is displayed on the entire screen using the slide show function. The slide show can be started by pressing the “F5” key on the keyboard.

While the slide show is running, you can play / pause the video by clicking the “video area”. In addition, you can use the media controls displayed at the bottom of the video to perform operations such as play / pause.

  • Video playback when running a slide show

You may want to play the video at the same time as the slide display instead of mouse operation. In this case, click “Video Area” to select it, and specify “Automatic” for “Start” on the “Playback” tab.

  • Video start timing settings

If you change the settings as described above, the video will be played automatically at the same time as the slide display without any mouse operation.

The above is the basic operation when inserting a video into a slide.I don’t see any particularly difficult operations, so even if you are a first-time user, you will be able to complete the approximate work even if you try to do it.

How to use video as a background

Next, let’s introduce how to create a slide show using “video”. This time, we will introduce the detailed procedure by taking the case where the background of the “Title Slide” is a video (video) as an example.

First, insert the video into the slide. There is no “Content Area” in “Title Slide”, so select “Video”-> “Video on This Computer” on the “Insert” tab.

  • Video command on the Insert tab

You can then insert a video into the slide by specifying a “video file”.

  • Video inserted on the slide

This time, we’ll be using the video as the background for the slide, so the “video area” will be enlarged to cover the entire slide. At this time, it should be noted that dragging the handles up / down / left / right will scale the video vertically or horizontally. When expanding the “video area”, it is basic to drag the handles at the four corners.

  • Adjusting the placement of the video area

After adjusting the placement of the “Video Area”, right-click on the “Video Area” and select “Move to Back”. You can now use the video as a “slide background”.

  • Right-click menu in “Video Area”

  • Video moved to the back

Next, change the settings related to video playback. Change the “Start” timing to “Automatic” so that the video starts playing as soon as the “Title Slide” is displayed. In addition, turn on “Repeat until stopped” so that the image does not become a still image when the video ends.

  • Video playback settings

This completes the basic setting changes. If you press F5 to run the slideshow, you should see a video in the “slide background”. In this example, you can create a slide with a bonfire flame fluttering.

  • A slide show in progress

However, it should be noted that if you move the mouse while the slideshow is running, media controls will appear on the screen.

  • Display media controls

To avoid this, you need to select the “Slideshow” tab and turn off “Show Media Controls”.

  • Change slideshow settings

It should also be noted that the click operation acts as a “pause / play video” because the video is spread across the slide. For this reason, it becomes impossible to switch to the “next slide” by a normal operation. You’ll also need to remember to press the[→]key on your keyboard to switch to the “next slide.”

Of course, it’s also possible to have a video background for “normal slides” that aren’t title slides. The procedure is basically the same as the procedure shown earlier. The following is a review.

  1. Insert a video into a slide using the Video command on the Insert tab
  2. Adjust the placement so that the “video area” covers the entire slide
  3. “Move to the back” of the video
  4. Change the playback timing to “automatic”
  5. Turn on “Repeat until stopped”

For example, in the example below

・ The flame in the lower left sways
・ The color of the tent changes slowly

It will be possible to realize such a production by “video placed in the background”.

  • Example of a slide with a video background (1)

  • Example of a slide with a video background (2)

  • Example of a slide with a video background (3)

In this way, it is also possible to utilize the video as a slide show production. However, if a video with a lot of movement is used as the background of the slide, the participants may be more conscious of the “content of the video” than the “content of the video”. Be careful not to overdo it. Moderateness is important in everything.