Imported miscellaneous goods EC Relaxante hits the adult planet puzzle

Relajante has been selling imported miscellaneous goods under the theme of relaxation since the start of the EC business in 2018. Adult puzzles with celestial motifs are a big hit, especially among women. We are strengthening our development as a main product.

The “Space Fragment-Sorano Kakera”, which the company has been selling on EC since June, is a high-difficulty jigsaw puzzle made of wood and acrylic pieces. We sell a total of 11 types with familiar celestial bodies such as the Earth and Mars and the Sun.

The pieces of each puzzle are shaped like people and patterns, imagining the history and myths of the celestial body. Even after completion, it is devised so that it can be enjoyed as an interior with the attached manual.

At an exhibition held in China, Mr. Hirabayashi met “Shards of the Universe-Sorano Kakera”. Since he was originally interested in space, he decided to handle it in Japan immediately.

Popular product “Shards of the Universe-Sorano Kakera”

We used a crowdfunding site and a space-themed exhibition to market and create fans. The originality of the puzzle and its beauty as an interior were well received, leading to the general sale in June.

“Because the cleanliness of the product is gaining popularity as an interior, 80% of the purchasers are women,” said Naoki Hirabayashi.

In addition to the sales page, the appeal of the product is promoted through a special site that posts the product concept and user posts sent to SNS.

“The site name’Relajante’means’relax’in French. We will continue to deliver calming products found all over the world,” he said.

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