On November 17th (US time), Google released “Chrome M87”, the latest version of the Web browser “Google Chrome”. The Chromium Blog entry “Chromium Blog: Tab throttling and more performance improvements in Chrome M87” introduces the major improvements in Chrome M87. Specifically, Chrome M87 is equipped with technologies such as tab throttling, occlusion tracking, and back / forward cache, which enables faster startup, shorter web page load times, and lower battery consumption. Has been done.

  • Google Chrome M87 (v87.0.4280.66)

    Google Chrome M87 (v87.0.4280.66)

Tab throttling reduces CPU resource consumption by limiting the wakeup of the JavaScript timer to once a minute on currently inactive tabs (background tabs). According to Google’s internal tests, tab throttling has reduced CPU usage by up to one-fifth and extended battery life by up to 1.25 hours without compromising features such as playing music and receiving notifications. ..

Occlusion tracking is a technology that detects window overlap. This technology can detect tabs that are hidden behind other windows and are not actually displayed, optimizing resource consumption. Occlusion tracking was already included in Chrome OS and manOS versions of Chrome, but since M87 it has also been included in the Windows version, Chrome launches up to 25% faster and web page loads up to 7% faster. It is said that.

Tab throttling and occlusion tracking are experimentally installed and will be gradually rolled out to the next version of the M88.

Back / forward cache[戻る]Buttons and[進む]By caching the page to move to with the button, it becomes a technology to improve the display speed when moving the page.[戻る]/[進む]Since button movement is often used for web browsing on mobile devices, the back / forward cache will be rolled out in stages from the Android version of Chrome first.

In addition, M87 has been extended so that various actions can be executed directly from the address bar, for example, deleting history, clearing cache, editing password, etc. can be executed by entering keywords in the address bar. ing. This feature is called a Chrome action and is explained in detail on the next page.

  • Introducing Chrome Actions, a new way to navigate and take action right from Chrome’s address bar – Google Chrome Community

The release of Chrome M87 will be the last major update in 2020. If automatic update is enabled, the update will be performed automatically at startup, but you can also update manually from the setting screen.