Future shop,

On November 19, the future shop that operates the EC site construction platform “future shop” started to support “future shop” in the “free plan” of the automatic operation service “EC Booster” of “Google posting” provided by Feedforce. Announced. As a result, EC businesses using the “future shop” series can easily use free listings on “Google Shopping” through “EC Booster”.

The “Free Plan” of “EC Booster” is a service that supports the free product listing function “Google Listing” that Google has newly launched. In the past, in order to list products on “Google”, it was necessary to use paid “Google Shopping Ads”, but with the advent of “Google Listing”, products will be listed in the search results of “Google” for free. It is said that it has become possible to do so.

The “free plan” of “EC Booster”, which was launched in response to this, is free of charge for both “EC Booster” and “Google listing”. “Easy posting / automatic operation function” that EC business operators can use “Google posting” immediately by making initial settings for a minimum of 5 minutes and does not have to take the trouble of daily operation. When a disapproval occurs when listing a product on “Google”, a notification with a solution will be automatically sent from “EC Booster” to eliminate the quick disapproval of the EC business operator and contribute to reducing the opportunity loss of product listing. “Posting status notification function”. Based on the enormous product listing results of “EC Booster”, it is equipped with a “product data improvement advice function” that analyzes product listing results using its own AI and guides the optimal product data improvement results according to the type of industry. ing

Shops that use “future shop” and “future shop omni-channel” this time can use the “free plan” of “EC Booster” with a simple procedure, so the number of site inflows due to free posting on “Google” It is expected to improve and improve the efficiency of attracting customers. In addition, the paid plan of “EC Booster” can be used for the paid “Google Shopping Ads” that have been provided so far.

Future Shop will continue to strengthen its partnerships with e-commerce supporters and show its intention to accompany the growth of its e-commerce business.

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