On November 18th, Dropbox Japan announced a new version of “Dropbox Spaces,” a workspace for collaboration. At the same time, it also exposes several new features that enable information organization, collaborative work, and safe work anywhere.

New version of Dropbox Spaces

Dropbox Spaces, a virtual workspace that unites teams and projects, follows the vision developed last year to streamline team work, prioritize day-to-day work, and collaborate with teams to keep things running smoothly. There is.

Initially announced as an evolved shared folder, it is now an independent product that allows you to collaborate with people inside and outside the project from start to finish. All collaborative features are centralized in one place, allowing teams to collaborate on project management.

In the new version, you can create a project space to consolidate and organize internal teams, external clients, content, timelines, and project tasks in one place. It is possible for teams to come up with ideas and collaborate while smoothly proceeding with the project in an environment where the progress can be grasped intuitively.

  • Image of new version of Dropbox Spaces

    Image of new version of Dropbox Spaces

In addition, you can prioritize projects smoothly, create, manage, assign, and comment on tasks across multiple projects, attach project files to related tasks, and create your own to- You can manage do lists.

In addition, you can quickly search, add, and manage related project information, easily add files (such as traditional file formats and cloud content such as Google Docs) directly to Dropbox Spaces, and search files from the entire project. It is supposed to be.

Plus, Dropbox Spaces makes it easy to join, host, and follow up on meetings, organize important information such as agendas, action items, and attendees into a customizable meeting template, and add minutes directly to Project Space. It is possible to do. Minutes are automatically synced to calendar invitations so everyone can always share the same information.

In addition, the shared team view keeps track of the project you’re working on and updates to the project, and by attaching a file to the latest information feed post, you can reply to comments with text, pictograms, file links, and more.

The new version is currently available as a private beta and you can request access here.

Dropbox Business enhances multiple features

We’ve also enhanced several features of Dropbox Business. More than 30 new apps have been added to the Dropbox App Center, and more than 70 tools from Dropbox partners can be selected and integrated, and are now in beta for some Dropbox Business Standard and Advanced users.

  • Dropbox App Center image

    Dropbox App Center image

Branded sharing is a new extension that helps companies establish their brand image, allows team members to customize their brand with administrator permission, and traffic and insights access to shared data. The situation can be tracked.

The follow function keeps track of important shared folder activity. In addition, the desktop, document folders, and download folders can be automatically backed up to Dropbox, allowing you to safely access them from outside and easily retrieve data in the event of a hardware failure or loss.

Dropbox Passwords (Beta) allows team members to store their passwords in one secure location, sync them across devices, and access them from anywhere. In addition, the electronic signature solution “HelloSign” provides a workflow that clearly shows the procedure for uploading documents, preparing documents, and requesting signatures, and requests electronic signatures for contracts that are important for this improvement. It’s easy to complete.

Enhanced security functions

In addition, it has announced several new security features to maintain employee privacy and security while managing complex remote environments.

Alert notifications allow administrators to detect suspicious behavior, high-risk activities, and potential data breaches in real time, while data classification allows administrators to take good precautions to protect personal data and confidentiality. You can label the data.

  • Image of alert notification

    Image of alert notification

Off-team shared reports provide admins with insights into external data sharing, such as who, when, and what type of files they share, and the data retention feature can be retained for a period of time by regulation. It has been added to Dropbox as a data governance feature to prevent users from accidentally deleting the desired content.