DoCoMo and NTT TechnoCross will start providing “window-through conversation device” that enables conversation through the window glass of automobiles etc. from November 24, 2020 by utilizing NTT’s acoustic signal processing technology. Then announced.

  • Window-through conversation device usage image

The product does not require a connection to a communication line or communication device, and when you talk while pressing the device against the closed window glass or acrylic plate, the built-in exciter (vibration element) vibrates the glass or acrylic plate. It is possible to convey the voice to the other party. The other party’s voice is collected by the built-in microphone (vibration pickup) of the device and can be heard with the earphone microphone. It can be used continuously for about 10 hours with two AA batteries.

  • Operation image of window-through conversation device

When talking in both directions using a device equipped with such a microphone and speaker, echo and howling may occur and interfere with the conversation, but this product only has the voice of a person through the window. Echo canceller, which is a window talk technology that extracts information, is said to realize smooth two-way conversation without opening windows.

The usage scene is assumed to be drive-through outpatient treatment (PCR examination, etc.), nursing care, interviews at medical sites, customer service at stores, etc.