Crowdfunding CAMPFIRE forms a capital and business alliance with Marui Group Strengthen support through real stores and payments

CAMPFIRE, which operates the crowdfunding “CAMPFIRE”, announced on November 17 that it has implemented a third-party allocation of new shares to the Marui Group and has completed financing and a capital and business alliance agreement. did. The policy is to strengthen the support system for crowdfunding planners through the Marui Group’s real stores and payment infrastructure.

CAMPFIRE and Marui Group have utilized their respective strengths through the issuance of the “Campfire Marche” held in Yurakucho Marui in November 2018 and the “Majority Missing EPOS Card” started in January 2020. We have been collaborating. Through this capital and business alliance, CAMPFIRE’s total of 42,000 project owners (drafters) will be crossed with various management resources such as Marui Group’s real stores, credit cards and other payment infrastructure and logistics. The company intends to strengthen the support system for fund raising and subsequent business development.

In the future, there are plans to hold a real event where you can experience the “story” that you are aiming for in crowdfunding, and to open a permanent space where related communities such as companies opening stores and supporters gather. We are also considering promoting the use of Epos Cards and new card enrollment in different customer bases. There is also a plan to collaborate with Marui Group’s anime business in crowdfunding such as anime and idols.

Marui Group Co., Ltd. Masahisa Aoki, Senior Executive Officer, General Manager of Co-creation Investment Department, said, “The Marui Group, which has been in business for 90 years, has grown by being useful to the world and customers. Once, with a big dream from the region Young people who came to Tokyo. Decades later, I would like to ask Marui-san to take care of me at that time. And now, entrepreneurs with big visions, decades later. I would like to create the future together so that people can say, “At that time, CAMPFIRE and Marui Group …”.

Marui Group Masahisa Aoki Director, Senior Executive Officer, Co-creation Investment Department Manager

Kazuma Ieiri, CEO of CAMPFIRE, said, “Since around 2018, we have been exploring new possibilities together with the Marui Group members by crossing crowdfunding with actual stores to present new possibilities for businesses. In the wake of the spread of coronavirus infection, we have entered into a capital and business alliance to further promote the efforts of both companies. To realize the missions of both companies with Marui Group, the founder of financial inclusion and fintech in Japan. I’m really happy to be with you for that. “