Cocokara Fine launches self-PCR test kit on EC site

Cocokara Fine Inc., which operates drug stores and dispensing pharmacies, announced on November 6th at the EC site “Cocokara Club” that the new coronavirus self-PCR test service kit “” Nitan Clinic “PCR test service kit” provided by Nitan Clinic. Started handling. With this kit, you can have a PCR test without going to a medical institution.

The “Nitan Clinic” PCR test service kit is a self-PCR test kit for the new coronavirus that collects saliva at home. If saliva (sample sample) is collected at home using the kit and returned to the Nitan Clinic, unaware and asymptomatic people can undergo PCR tests that are not covered by insurance. The results of the test will be notified by e-mail within 3 hours at the earliest and 24 hours at the latest after the sample sample arrives at the Nitan Clinic.

Self-PCR test service kit “” Nitan Clinic “PCR test service kit”

If the test result is positive, the Nitan Clinic will report it to the health center, so regardless of the test result, you can consult with the doctor at the Nitan Clinic as needed. It is also possible to issue a negative certificate (5,000 yen excluding tax) to those who wish.

The “cocokara club” has a dedicated page for sale, and the price is 15,000 yen (excluding tax). As a company that supports people’s health and convenient living, cocokara fine will continue to actively promote various initiatives in order to meet new lifestyles and customer needs.

“‘Nitan Clinic’ PCR Test Service Kit”