Sony Business Solutions Corporation announced on November 18 that it will start offering the integrated platform “Ci Media Cloud Services” that realizes cloud-based media management and operation for the domestic market.

The platform manages content using a virtual workspace “Ci workspace” provided on the cloud. Any creator can belong to this workspace, and the creator has access to the single or multiple workspaces to which he belongs.

Since materials can be collected, managed, and shared for each workspace, materials can be shared with appropriate access rights such as production teams and departments, and materials in the production process and complete packages can be disclosed to the outside under various conditions. The “Ci Media Box” tool can also be used for sharing materials with the outside, such as between a broadcasting station and a production.

In addition, the platform has access to a variety of collaboration tools that support remote production. For example, in the “Ci Video Review” app, multiple creators can participate in the same session, preview with synchronized playback positions, and write on the screen freehand, while communicating with each other. It is equipped with a live session tool that enables remote production.