BASE collaborates with influencer support Direct Tech Supports EC development utilizing influence

On November 19, BASE started collaboration with Direct Tech, which operates the “Influencer D2C Lab” that totally produces influencers in the online shop creation service “BASE”. Support influencer internet business.

The purpose of this collaboration is to support business revitalization using the Internet of influencers who send out their own fashion and lifestyle using SNS such as YouTube and Instagram.

By linking the network cultivated in the influencer marketing business of Direct Tech with the Internet technology that is the strength of BASE and the know-how of EC business utilizing the online shop creation service “BASE”, the original brand can be created. It is said that it will promote the EC business by building a business sales channel for influencers who are launching and manufacturing products.

“BASE” plans to start concrete efforts with the D2C platform “Influencer D2C Lab”, which totally produces influencers provided by Direct Tech, by next spring.