ASKUL, original natural water

On November 11, ASKUL renewed the PET bottle of the original natural water “LOHACO Water 2L” on the personal necessities EC site “LOHACO” and started selling it as a labelless bottle without the label of the PET bottle. Considering the environment, we have improved the convenience of users.

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In this renewal, in addition to eliminating the label, the amount of plastic used in the PET bottle body has been reexamined, and the weight of the body has also been reduced. While maintaining the durability and ease of pouring of PET bottles, it is about 16% lighter than the old product. Not only will this reduce the amount of plastic material used in bottles, but it will also allow the bottles to be crushed with lighter force when thrown away.

In response to buyers’ voices saying “I want to save the trouble of peeling off the label” and efforts to reduce plastic products worldwide, LOHACO announced in July 2018 that “LOHACO Water 410ml” is an environmentally friendly, unlabeled drink size. Released. The environmentally friendly design, which eliminates the need to remove the label when throwing away and does not generate extra waste, has been well received by users and boasts overwhelming sales among labelless beverage products. That is.

Labelless “LOHACO Water 410ml” released in July 2018

It is said that the need for large-capacity 2L size is increasing because the time spent at home has become longer in the recent corona sickness, the frequency of using mineral water for coffee, tea, cooking, etc. has increased, and the consumption has also increased dramatically. , “LOHACO Water 2L” has been renewed to a labelless bottle.

New design that became labelless with the old design

The original natural water “LOHACO Water 2L”, which went on sale in May 2016, costs 348 yen (tax included) per box (5 bottles). Reasonable price, storability that can be achieved with a side-by-side package of 5 bottles per box, and the mellow taste of ultra-soft water collected in Tsumagoi Village, Gunma Prefecture have gained support, and it is said that it will always be ranked high in the overall popularity ranking of “LOHACO”. It’s a popular product.

The outer box can be used as it is in the storage case

“LOHACO” will continue to evolve valuable products and services that are close to daily life, and will work on the development of products that solve the problems of users and society toward the realization of a sustainable society.

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