On November 25th, Panasonic announced the flagship model “Bistro NT-D700” of the oven toaster. The feature of the new product is that even frozen thick bread is heated evenly to the inside. It brings out the deliciousness of toast that is crispy on the outside and chewy on the inside. It will be released on February 1, 2021, the price is open, and the estimated market price is around 25,000 yen (excluding tax). I will report from the experience meeting for the media.

  • NT-D700 with a simple design and a luxurious matte finish

Equipped with two types of heaters, far infrared rays and near infrared rays

The NT-D700 is equipped with a near-infrared heater in addition to a general far-infrared heater. It consists of a total of three “perspective triple heaters”, one far-infrared heater at the top and bottom of the refrigerator and one near-infrared heater at the top of the refrigerator. The far-infrared heater crisply heats the surface of the food, and the near-infrared heater plays the role of warming the inside of the food. With three heaters, the inside of the pan can be heated to the inside.

  • Inside the warehouse

  • Inside the refrigerator, there are a total of three heaters, a far-infrared heater at the bottom and a far-infrared heater and a near-infrared heater at the top.The yellow tube is the far-infrared heater, and the transparent tube indicated by the red arrow is the near-infrared heater.

The power of this perspective triple heater is, after all, the toast of “frozen thick bread”.

I think people have different tastes, but the basics of delicious toast are crispy on the surface and chewy on the inside. The more water inside the toast, the easier it is to get a “sticky feeling”, so basically it is said that toast should be baked with high heat and in a short time.

However, it is the toast of “frozen thick bread” that tends to fail if it has high heat and a short time. If you bake quickly with high heat, the center will not warm up sufficiently, and if you cook well to the center, the surface will tend to burn. NT-D700 can toast frozen thick bread deliciously by combining a far-infrared heater that finishes the surface crisply, a near-infrared heater that warms the center firmly, and a unique heating program.

  • During toast ………

  • We were able to sample at the venue. Eat and compare toast baked with a general toaster (left photo) and toast baked with NT-D700 (right photo).All of them were baked 4 slices of frozen bread

  • Hayashi, editor-in-chief of Mynavi News Digital, also tasted (Hayashi: I could clearly see the temperature difference inside the bread)

When I compared both toasts, the first thing I felt was that the bread center was not warmed up with a general toaster. The surface is hot, but the center is lukewarm. On the other hand, the NT-D700 has a light brown color on the surface, but it was hot to the inside.

The texture is also characteristic. Of course, the surface of toast baked with an ordinary toaster is crispy, but the impression is a little softer than NT-D700. The hard part of the surface feels thicker than the toast baked with NT-D700. The crispy part of NT-D700 is thin, and I felt that the difference between the crispy layer and the chewy layer was conspicuous.

  • Toast in the “Frozen Atsugi Toast” menu.I felt that the NT-D700 had a slightly lighter brown color with the standard settings, but this area can be adjusted with the “burnt color” setting.

Automatic menu that uses 7,200 different heating methods wisely

Along with the two types of heaters, far-infrared and near-infrared, the built-in automatic mode is also noteworthy. The operation modes include frozen toast, arranged toast, packed rice cake, and grilled rice cake. Including adjustments such as baking color, it is said that 7,200 different heating patterns are used properly.

  • Even with the automatic bread menu alone, there is such a difference in the heating method.For frozen toast, there is a low temperature heating time to thaw inside first

Panasonic’s toaster was equipped with abundant automatic menus in the conventional flagship model (NB-DT52), but the new model NT-D700 has “arrange toast”, “French bread”, and “slowly baked” menus. increased.

Arrange toast is a bread menu with ingredients, and even if you put a lot of ingredients on it, the surface will not be burned too much and the inside of the bread will be heated firmly. The French bread menu finishes the surface crisply without burning tall French bread. The previous model also had a “Yakiimo” menu, but the NT-D700’s “Slowly Yakimo” is slowly heated at a lower temperature. Bring out the sweetness of sweet potatoes, and finally heat at high temperature to add aroma.

  • In addition to the automatic menu, the temperature and heating time can be set manually.Can also be used as an oven

What surprised me when I experienced the actual machine was the deliciousness of cooking thick frozen bread. The difference was clear from the one baked with a general toaster.

Traditionally, it has been said that thick toast is preferred in the Kansai area, and sliced ​​toast is more likely to be preferred in the Kanto area. However, in recent years, high-class bread such as “raw bread” has become a boom, and thick toast has spread nationwide. Many households may welcome the NT-D700’s “frozen toast” menu.

Also, since toaster cooking is easy to burn, it is common to cook while checking the baking by buckwheat noodles, but with NT-D700, the heaters are turned on and off alternately according to the menu, so the ingredients are not burnt. Heat. It’s a nice point that you don’t have to “check in front of the toaster to see if it burns all the time”.