Tamron, a comprehensive optical equipment manufacturer, announced that it celebrated its 70th anniversary on November 1, 2020. With the announcement, we revised our management philosophy and management vision in order to grow into a company for the next 10 or 100 years. We have formulated a management philosophy system along with the attitude and code of conduct to achieve this. It also has a new brand slogan, “Focus on the Future.”

  • Tamron unveils special website to commemorate its 70th anniversary

    Tamron is the 70th anniversary of its founding

Tamron Co., Ltd. is a comprehensive optical equipment manufacturer that founded its predecessor, Taisei Optical Equipment Manufacturing Co., Ltd., in 1950. Currently, we are developing an integrated business structure globally from research and development to planning, design, production, sales, and support. In addition to interchangeable lenses for single-lens cameras, surveillance cameras, FA / machines, in-vehicle cameras, drones, and medical use We provide products in various fields such as equipment.

A special website is open to the public to commemorate the 70th anniversary of its founding. In addition to the newly formulated management philosophy system and brand slogan, the company’s 70-year history and nostalgic products developed so far are introduced.