Cosina announced the “SUPER NOKTON 29mm F0.8 Asperical” which realizes the brightness of the maximum aperture “F0.8” as a new product of the interchangeable lens for exclusive use of Micro Four Thirds. It is scheduled to go on sale from December 10, and the price is 225,000 yen (excluding tax).

  • COSINA “SUPER NOKTON 29mm F0.8 Asperical”

An interchangeable lens product for Micro Four Thirds that has a large aperture design of F0.8 and allows you to shoot with just the light as it is, even under extremely low light conditions. High image quality can be obtained from the open aperture by adopting a GA (grinding aspherical surface) lens originally developed for the optical system and increasing the degree of freedom in design by using a glass material with a high melting point that cannot be manufactured with a glass mold aspherical lens. It is said that it has both depiction performance and a compact size.

The AF function is not installed, and focusing is performed manually. It is equipped with a high-precision metal helicoid that can perform severe focusing at full aperture, and one of the features is a greased silky operation feeling that can only be experienced with a manual focus-only design.

The aperture ring is equipped with a switching mechanism and can be operated steplessly and without clicking sound. The lens configuration is 11 elements in 7 groups including 1 GA lens and 1 aspherical lens, the aperture is F0.8 to F16, the aperture blades are 12, the shortest shooting distance is 0.37 m, and the maximum shooting magnification is 0.2 times (full). Size conversion). The main body size is 72.3 x 88.9 mm (maximum diameter x length), the filter diameter is 62 mm, and the weight is 703 g. Comes with a screw-in lens hood.