Sony has set up a special page on α Universe entitled “The video world is moving into a new territory.” It is expected that there will be some announcement about Camcorder’s new product “FX6” at 10 am on November 18th.

  • Sony announces new camcorder

    Cinema Line FX6

FX6 is a camcorder product that was scheduled to be released within 2020. The company has a lineup of the next-generation CineAlta camera “VENICE” with a wide latitude of 15 stop + and the XDCAM memory camcorder “FX9” equipped with a 6K full-size Exmor R CMOS sensor as the commercial camcorder “Cinema Line” series. The FX6 is expected to follow these high-end models, but details such as specifications have not been disclosed at this time.

Get ready for Cinema Line | Sony