Roland will release the flagship model “Nextone Special” of the BOSS brand guitar amplifier “Nextone” series on December 19, 2020. The estimated market price including tax is around 110,000 yen.

  • Nextone Special

The “Next one series” is a guitar amplifier that uses the company’s original technology “Tube Logic” to reproduce the unique tone and playing comfort of an amplifier equipped with a vacuum tube. In the “Next one Special” announced this time, the power amplifier section has been strengthened and various interactions that occur when the amplifier produces sound have been reproduced to achieve a more dynamic sound. The vacuum tube power amplifier characteristics can be selected from four typical types: “6V6”, “6L6”, “EL84”, and “EL34”. The speaker is equipped with the newly developed “WAZA B12W” with durability based on the sound of the “Blue Bell Speaker” that has been popular since the 1960s. In addition to the independent CLEAN / LEAD 2-channel configuration, a dedicated editor (Windows / Mac compatible) can be used to produce a more detailed sound.

The rated output is 80W. The size is W620 x H530 x D246 mm, and the mass is 18 kg. In addition to the main body, a power cable, 2P-3P converter, etc. are included.

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