Kanagawa Institute of Technology (KAIT), NTT East, and NTT-Sports have announced the conclusion of a tripartite cooperation agreement in the field of e-sports.

In addition to launching the “Advanced Esports Research Center”, KAIT has established the eSports Department as an official club activity, and is working on the technical study of eSports by itself and at the same time planning eSports events. In addition, the “Advanced Esports Research Center” will support the activities of the club under industry-academia collaboration, promote research to improve e-sports skills, and provide the results.

Specifically, low-delay delivery of competition content that is indispensable for online e-sports competition, verification of competitiveness improvement factors by analyzing the movements of the fingers and eyes of e-sports players, improvement of the presence of online content, SNS We are planning to carry out enlightenment and countermeasures against fraudulent activities by utilizing AI, strategic analysis using AI, and verification of the effect of sound on control operations.

In promoting these efforts, this collaboration aims to develop KAIT and the Japanese e-sports industry and revitalize the region by utilizing the NTT East Group’s e-sports business know-how, networks and advanced ICT-related technologies. ..