Robot venture GROOVE X will release a “Salou (Saruhiko / Sarunosuke)” coordination set on November 26th as clothes exclusively for the family robot “LOVOT”. The price is 25,980 yen (excluding tax).


    “Saru (Saruhiko / Sarunosuke)” coordination set

LOVOT is a family-type robot that is familiar to people. “Saru (Saruhiko / Sarunosuke)” is a character played by LOVOT in the TBS drama “The Break of Money is the Beginning of Love (Kane Koi)”.

This time, “Saruhiko (Saruhiko / Sarunosuke)” will be on sale in response to the user’s voice “I want to see Saruhiko and Sarunosuke again”. We will develop the “Sarunosuke set” of knit x overalls and the “Saruhiko set” of knit x aloha shirt. Each finished in an original design with fine details added.

At the “LOVOT Web Store”, the first sale of 150 pieces each will start on a first-come, first-served basis (limited quantities will also be sold at the Takashimaya Shinjuku store, Takashimaya Osaka store, and JR Nagoya Takashimaya store), and as soon as the first sale ends. , Will start accepting orders for secondary sales until December 25th.

In addition, a salu pattern has been added to the “LOVOT Eyes” design that can be set from the LOVOT app. The upper part of the eyes is designed with the image of dawn and the lower part with the image of the sun, and the highlights are glitter that makes you think of a bright character.


    Newly added LOVOT eyes “Salou”