With the increase in telework due to the spread of the new coronavirus infection, the sales of home appliances have also changed. Therefore, I asked Joshin Urawa Misono Aeon Mall store about the home appliance genre that was popular during the corona era. At the same store, in addition to cooking appliances, hairdressing and beauty products were also noticeably different from the usual year.

  • Joshin Urawa Misono Aeon Mall store cooking beauty products section

    Joshin Urawa Misono Aeon Mall store cooking beauty products section.I had the staff, Noriko Takahashi, navigate me

Noriko Takahashi, a store staff member, said, “Every year, more and more people are thinking about getting their body ready from early spring to summer when the exposure increases, but this year, the self-restraint from going out overlapped and it was not so exciting. With the increase in remote work, there are opportunities to worry about your health and appearance in a different way, such as seeing yourself on the screen of an online meeting or worrying about your stomach due to lack of exercise. It seems that the number has increased. I feel that the demand that has been stimulated there is still continuing. “

Once you’re worried, you’ll continue to be worried even if the frequency of remote work decreases or disappears. It seems that such feelings are clearly appearing in the top sellers. Among them, let’s take a look at the five genres where demand growth was particularly noticeable.

* Prices shown in the text and photos are as of 14:30 on October 20, 2019. It fluctuates daily, so please take a look for reference.

“Epilator” that sells for both men and women

At the hairdressing and beauty products department, the demand for men, especially older men, is clearly increasing. “Products that were previously developed for women are also sold in a circle due to the popularity of men’s grooming. I often hear people say,’I want to make wrinkles less noticeable’ and’I don’t want to copy unwanted hair.'”

The iconic hit is the brown epilator “Silk Expert Pro5 PL-5117”. The company’s high-end model, which uses light energy to treat unwanted hair, can care for the entire body from the face to the sides and feet. “It has a reputation for being able to process efficiently with high power,” he said. The price including tax was 66,800 yen.

  • Braun “Silk Expert Pro5 PL-5117” (left)

The high power model is a popular “dryer” as usual

Next is a dryer that says, “I chose it because it is still selling even under the negative influence of the new Corona.” Although the change from the average year is small, the new high-end model is popular and has momentum.

Panasonic’s “Nanocare EH-NA0E” is driving popularity this fall. It is a new product released in October that sings 18 times more water generation than the conventional Nanoe, and it is said that the sales of hairdressing and beauty products as a whole continue to stand out.

“It has a reputation for being significantly evolved from the past and retaining moisture. I often hear stories of replacing this model with a new one.” The price including tax is 32,780 yen.

  • Panasonic “Nano Care EH-NA0E”

Dyson’s “Supersonic Ionic” is also selling well, especially for women with long hair. “Anyway, it’s high-powered and crispy hair dries. There are many designated purchases.” The price including tax was 49,500 yen.

  • Dyson “Supersonic Ionic”

“Home Fitness” with increased family demand

The number of people seeking fitness equipment that can be used at home increased during the period of self-restraint to solve the lack of exercise, but it seems that this tendency continues to this day. What is characteristic is the growth in family demand. “Many things take up a lot of space, so more and more people are buying one for each family, rather than for individuals.”

Especially selling is Doctor Air’s exercise board “3D Super Blade Smart”. The popularity of the high-ranking “3D Super Blade PRO” is also increasing, but it is said that the space-saving “smart” is still more popular. The price including tax was 40,500 yen and 59,800 yen, respectively.

  • Doctor Air “3D Super Blade Smart” (front) and “3D Super Blade PRO” (back)

“EMS exerciser” that allows you to train muscles while working is also popular

Due to the demand for space-saving exercise, the EMS (Electrical Muscle Stimulation) exerciser, which stimulates and trains muscles at low frequencies, has also become popular overall. “The self-restraint period is prolonged, and it is gaining popularity for those who are concerned about corona fatness. If you do not set it too hard, you can attach it even during remote work.”

Maxell’s “Motecare Pro” is in a standard position. The price including tax was 19,800 yen.

  • Maxell “Mote Care Pro”

In addition, Atex’s sheet-shaped EMS exerciser “Lourdes Style EMS” says, “It is highly evaluated that it can be used in a wide range of styles, such as sitting, putting it under your feet to train your calves, and stimulating your arms on the desk.” It seems that the sales of “sheets” are also outstanding. The price including tax is 5,500 yen.

  • Atex “Lourdes Style EMS Sheet”

The sales of “massage devices” that can be used while working are also outstanding.

With the penetration of remote work, sales of massagers that can be used while sitting are said to have increased significantly from the average year. “After all, there are many people who say that they have more freedom than when they are at work, and more people are looking for ways to work as comfortably as possible,” he said, and it is crowded regardless of age or gender. That’s right.

A typical model is Daito Denki Kogyo (Slive)’s “Grab Fir Massager MD-500”. You can grab and fix it with both hands and massage around the neck and shoulders. The price including tax was 10,980 yen.

  • Slive “Grab Fir Massager MD-500” (far left)