On November 11th, IO DATA DEVICE INC. Announced the “HDCY-UT series” of USB hard disks for TV recording that can be connected to TVs and recorders with a single USB cable. It is scheduled to be shipped from the end of November, and the tax-excluded price is 12,000 yen for the 1TB model and 13,100 yen for the 2TB model.

  • I-O, USB hard disk for TV recording that can be connected with one USB cable

    IO DATA “HDCY-UT series”

A USB hard disk product for TV recording that does not require a power cable because it operates on USB bus power. By improving the quietness by about 7 to 15% compared to the conventional product, it is certified as the company’s original quiet rank “GOLD”. Even if you use it in the bedroom, you don’t mind the sound. It also has a function linked to the power supply of the TV.

It can be used in combination with a wide range of products by checking the operation in cooperation with home appliance manufacturers. Compatible models are as follows, and only Sony “BRAVIA” is independently verified by IO DATA DEVICE.

  • Toshiba LCD TV “REGZA”
  • Sharp “Aquos / 4K OLED TV”
  • Sony LCD TV “BRAVIA”
  • LG Electronics Japan LCD TV
  • Hitachi LCD TV “Wooo”
  • Mitsubishi LCD TV “REAL”
  • Orion LCD TV
  • Hisense “Hisense”
  • Doshisha LCD TV
  • aiwa LCD TV
  • maxzen LCD TV
  • Iris Oyama LCD TV
  • Toshiba Blu-ray Recorder “REGZA Blu-ray”
  • Sharp Blu-ray Disc Recorder “Aquos Blu-ray”
  • Hitachi “Blu-ray Disc Recorder”
  • FUNAI “Blu-ray Disc Recorder”
  • IO Data Recording TV Tuner

In addition to the vertical stand, the product comes with a sticker that hides the light from the LED lamp. The maximum recording time is about 125 hours for the 1TB model and about 251 hours for the 2TB model.