It is a new memory that the “GMW-B5000”, which is a full metal version of the original G-SHOCK, the so-called “Origin”, with the latest functions and performance, became a smash hit.

This time, G-SHOCK’s first analog-digital combination model “AW-500” has a white arrow as a full metal. It is a milestone in the wristwatch world that has completely overturned the conventional wisdom that “hand clocks are vulnerable to shocks”. And the “AWM-500” was born. Let’s take a look at the details and texture.

  • This appearance! It fits nicely on your wrist!

The shapes are similar, but the reality is completely different!

The lineup includes the silver body x black dial “AWM-500D-1AJF” (66,000 yen, all including tax), the silver body x silver dial “AWM-500D-1A8JF” (66,000 yen), and the gold body x black dial “AWM-500D-1A8JF”. Three models of “AWM-500GD-9AJF” (74,800 yen).

  • AWM-500 series developed in 3 models

  • “AWM-500D-1AJF” with silver body and black dial (IP processing only for the case)

  • “AWM-500D-1A8JF” with silver body and silver dial (IP processing only for the case)

  • Gold body x black dial “AWM-500GD-9AJF” (case and band are IP processed)

The first thing that catches your eye when you look at the AWM-500 is the simple yet strong case. The case size is 51.8 x 44.5 x 14.2 mm, which is not so thick among G-SHOCK with radio solar and analog needles. However, the slightly retro-futuristic (Star Wars C-3PO-like) image of the minimalist design and metal weaves the eyes.

The SS (stainless steel) exterior is actually a huge cover-shaped bezel that integrates the top, lugs, and sides. This bezel and the SS screw back on the back side sandwich the center case in which the watch module is set. Although it cannot be visually confirmed, a fine resin is set as a cushioning material between the bezel and the center case.

  • Presence that exceeds the numerical value!

  • A huge cover-shaped bezel covers the center case

The screw back is the original of this model. DLC + mirrored for a very satisfying finish. This is also a major upgrade from the original AW-500.

  • High-quality screw back (with sample engraving)

In addition to the Anadigi movement, the center case contains a module that incorporates a receiving unit for a multi-band 6 compatible radio-controlled watch. SS is a disadvantageous material for reception because it bounces off radio waves. As a countermeasure, the antenna must be enlarged, and space for that is required in the center case.

How to secure that space?

The answer is “make everything except the antenna smaller.”

The motor that moves the hands and the IC for digital clocks have been miniaturized by the latest high-density mounting technology, and full metal and radio wave reception have been realized at the same time.

The weight of AWM-500 is 175g. Considering that the normal resin exterior G-SHOCK weighs around 70g, it is more than twice as heavy. The impact at the time of falling becomes large by that much. It is the joint between the center case and the band that is particularly loaded. Therefore, we have developed a technology to disperse the impact with three lugs instead of the conventional two lugs at the joint between the two. This can be seen from the back of the rug.

  • By connecting the main body and the band with three lugs, the impact when dropped is dispersed.

A modern reinterpretation of the milestone concept with the latest technology and ideas

The size of AW-500 (battery-powered, without radio clock), which became the image source of AWM-500, is 55.2 x 47.7 x 14.7 mm. Surprisingly, the AWM-500 is smaller in all aspects, length, width and depth.

The reason why the case size of AWM-500 is small is that “metal looks inflated”. If you make the AW-500 in the same size, the brilliance unique to metal will make the watch look bigger.

  • “AW-500” released in 1989

Finding the right size with this in mind was one of the challenges in designing the AWM-500. Excuse me for the development staff, we users tend to think, “I just replaced the base model with metal,” but in reality it’s not that simple.

The dial also incorporates a unique design. One of them is the index. The original AW-500 was a combination of bar indexes and Arabic numerals, printed directly on the dial. On the other hand, the AWM-500 uses a three-dimensional bar index that emphasizes the sharpness of the metal edge and makes the image of high precision as a watch. The sporty image with Arabic numerals has been renewed, emphasizing the chic adult atmosphere.

  • Sharp and three-dimensional index is also one of the new interpretation elements

We are also challenging new expressions for dials. While applying the vapor deposition technology cultivated in OCEANUS etc., we adopted a solar cell with high power generation efficiency. It has both luxury and the convenience of solar drive. In particular, the “AWM-500D-1A8JF”, which is entirely silver, has realized a metallic silver dial that is unprecedented in solar drive.

  • Along with the dial, the expression of the needle (made of aluminum) is also different. AWM-500D-1AJF is silver

  • AWM-500D-1A8JF is stainless steel style

  • AWM-500GD-9AJF has red hour hand and gold minute hand

The highlight of the AW-500’s design, “the line that gently continues from the bezel top to the band,” was thought to be possible because the exterior material was resin. However, with the AWM-500, this point is also completely reproduced with advanced metal processing technology. In addition to cutting lugs and bumpers with complicated cubic curves, a metal band that converges beautifully in the buckle direction has been realized by using a special frame with a slight radius from the band source to the third frame.

  • The band line flows smoothly from the case to the buckle

  • Newly designed band top with a cubic curve

  • The buckle is a three-fold solid buckle with an unlock button.

Furthermore, while preserving the atmosphere like a lump of metal, the design and texture are slowed down by using different polishing. For example, the bezel top has a vertical hairline, the bezel side and lugs have a circumferential hairline, the band top has a horizontal hairline, and the recesses have a mirror surface.

  • By changing the finish (polishing), it gives a change and a three-dimensional effect.

  • Circumferential hairline on the rug

  • Finishing of each model. The appearance is suitable for the AWM-500 concept “metal ingot” (metal block).

The cases of all three models are IP-processed (only the AWM-500GD-9AJF band is also IP-processed), but SS is a material that is easily scratched in the first place, so you want to use it as carefully as possible to keep its beauty for a long time. On the other hand, the appearance of ticking with scratches may also be said to be the toughness of G-SHOCK. My dad was a craftsman and his watch was full of scratches, which was irresistibly cool. The person’s life dwells in the wristwatch.

The full metal and minimalist design are easy to match with fashion, and the elegant movement of the hands, dial, and the beauty of polishing are highly valuable as watches. The AWM-500 is not just a reprint of a milestone arrangement, but a modern reinterpretation of the concept with the latest technology and ideas.

  • The gold of AWM-500GD-9AJF is not flashy and appeals its presence while being familiar to the skin.

  • High brightness fully automatic double light is bright enough to know the time