The North American Education and Esports Federation (NASEF) and Third Wave have established the North American Education and Esports Federation Japan Headquarters “NORTH AMERICA SCHOLASTIC ESPORTS FEDERATION JAPAN” (NASEF JAPAN).

“NASEF” is the development of education utilizing “e-sports” as a platform to cultivate the empathy, co-creation, imagination, and problem-solving ability necessary for high school students who will lead the next generation to become human resources who can lead social change.・ An organization that provides opportunities. “NASEF JAPAN” aims to arrange the content and experience of “NASEF” for Japan, disseminate and enlighten the educational value of e-sports in Japanese high schools, and develop global human resources who can play an active role in all fields around the world. Was launched.

“NASEF JAPAN” provides a place for Japanese high school students to experience “lively English communication” by interacting with high school students mainly from member Western countries.

In addition, we will share the contents and know-how provided by “NASEF” such as programming learning contents with high schools affiliated with “NASEF JAPAN” in Japanese, and hold webinsers on research conducted by “NASEF” at any time. In addition, we will promote participation in international high school e-sports competitions and hold league games for high school students by “NASEF JAPAN”. In addition, it will provide club activity management know-how to the faculty and staff of high school e-sports club advisors.

In addition, “NASEF JAPAN” is looking for Japanese affiliated high schools. See the official website for details.