On November 20, Sanko released the electric air duster “Super Powerful! Electric Air Duster Vacuum Cleaner HARD” that also functions as a vacuum cleaner. The price is 11,800 yen (tax included).

  • “Super powerful! Electric air duster vacuum cleaner HARD” that can be used as a vacuum cleaner and an electric air duster

The motor power is as strong as 60,000 rpm, and the overwhelming wind pressure of 52 g can blow away dust in gaps and deep places. The suction power is 8,000 Pa, which is enough to suck coins such as 10-yen coins.

  • The body is slim.Powered by built-in battery

  • Can be used as a cordless vacuum cleaner

  • Also active as an air duster that blows away dust and dirt

The main body is a 600 ml PET bottle size, and a filter is built in inside. An air duster nozzle with a brush and a cleaner nozzle are included for easy cleaning and blowing.

It has a built-in battery, and the battery life is about 30 minutes when it is weak and about 15 minutes when it is strong. Use a USB power supply for charging. Charging time is 3 hours (at 5V / 2A). The main body size is W84 x D65 x H223.5mm, and the weight is 400g.

  • Can be charged with USB power