Astronaut Noguchi’s mission public relations office is a collaboration project of “Space Brothers” developed in the special site “Let’s support everyone! Astronaut Noguchi ISS MISSION” to support Astronaut Soichi Noguchi’s challenge in space. The first episode of the “Space Brothers” limited episode “Serika Hen” was released on November 17th.

  • “Space Brothers” limited episode video first “Serika Hen” released

In the “Space Brothers” limited episode video, an episode named after the spacecraft “Resilience” (meaning “recovery” in Japanese) on which Astronaut Noguchi was aboard will be continuously distributed for about 6 months. The first of the limited episode videos, “Serika Hen,” is an episode featuring “Serika Ito,” who conducts experiments on the ISS for intractable disease and amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (to make a therapeutic drug for ALS.

“Space Brothers” Limited Episode Video 1st “Serika Hen”

The password will be displayed when you watch the limited episode video to the end. If you enter your password at the Space Brothers official store, you will receive a special wallpaper that can only be obtained through this campaign. In addition, a campaign will be held in which more than 100 people who get the wallpaper will win goods such as special telescopes. The period is from November 17th to December 16th.

  • Goods gift campaign is also held