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G502 HERO (10,890 yen → 7,900 yen)

  • [Amazon newsletter]27% off 11-button wired gaming mouse for 7,900 yen!

    The type with many buttons is so convenient that once you use it, you cannot return

Logitech’s gaming mouse with 11 programmable buttons is on sale for ¥ 7,900, 27% off the reference price of ¥ 10,890. It is a model with a built-in high-definition gaming sensor “HERO” that Logitech is proud of, and the tracking is up to 25,000 DPI, and it responds accurately to even small movements. Moreover, since it can be freely changed from 100 to 25,000 DPI, it can be customized according to yourself and the game. The 11-button program is registered in the onboard memory and can store 5 types. In addition, by attaching the attached 6 weights (4g x 2, 2g x 4) to various positions, the weight and balance can be adjusted for easy operation. In addition, five 3.6g weights are included as an option. Buttons and reaction speeds are changed using dedicated software, including how the built-in LED lights. The interface is USB, the size is W75 x D40 x 132 mm, and the weight is 121 g (mouse only). Compatible OS is Windows 7 or later, Mac OS 10.11.

10,890 yen → 7,900 yen