US Oculus has started offering “v23 software update” of Quest platform. “Oculus Quest 2” supports 90Hz refresh rate as standard, and “Oculus Move”, “App Gifting”, etc. will be available. In addition, “Oculus Link”, which was provided in beta, will be officially released.

The refresh rate of Oculus Quest 2 is 72Hz, but until now, as an experimental function, it was possible to operate the home environment, Explore, store, browser, Occuous TV, etc. in 90Hz mode by the opt-in method. With v23, all system software runs at 90Hz by default, and compatible apps will be available at 90Hz. “SUPERHOT”, “Echo VR”, “Beat Saber”, “Vacation Simulator”, “Job Simulator”, “Racket: Nx”, “Space Pirate Trainer”, etc. will provide updates corresponding to 90Hz.

  • “Oculus Move” that tracks the activity of the VR experience at the system level

“Oculus Move” is a fitness tracking function that works at the system level. Users can record estimated calorie consumption, active activity time, etc. from the entire VR experience using Quest and Quest 2, such as playing with moving games / apps such as “Beat Saber” and “Arizona Sunshine”. To be able to confirm. You can also set daily goals. We’ll start rolling out within a week, but we plan to scale it up little by little, and it may take some time before Move is available even after updating to v23.

“App Gifting” is a function that allows you to select “Buy for a Friend” when purchasing from the Oculus Store and give games and apps to your friends and family. It is also possible to attach a gift message. The rollout will start in the second half of November.

  • Oculus Link

    Oculus Link

“Oculus Link” makes it possible to use the stand-alone Quest series, which can be played wirelessly without a PC, as a VR device for PC by connecting it to a PC with a cable in the same way as “Oculus Rift S”. Beta was still available, but it was moved to the official version at the turning point of the first year since the function was released in November last year. In v23, Oculus Link also supports a 90Hz refresh rate in Quest 2, allowing users to switch between 90Hz / 80Hz / 72Hz with the Oculus PC app. We’ve also made changes to bring out the best in PC graphics cards and improved the graphics settings interface to control visual quality.