“Human Fighting Battle ’20” was held by six experts. As an opening talk, the discussion gradually turned into a heated one, asking questions about the ideas expressed by each expert, based on the current situation of corona wreckage from the perspective of each of the six people.

Values ​​created by education that is questioned by the corona

Once again, it was Mr. Oussouby Sacko, the president and educator of Kyoto Seika University.

“I am from the Republic of Mali, a developing country. Mr. Yamaguchi, a businessman and designer, emphasized the need for” education, “and it is said that those who have been educated have higher literacy. However, I would like to revisit that premise with this corona sword, because I think it was an education to pursue convenience until now, and that convenience is an imported value. From now on, I think we should reconsider what they are looking for, what they find useful, and what kind of education they need.
Born in Mali, I was educated in France at school and Islamic at home. I think it’s important to look at education in multiple frames rather than in one frame.
Education cannot be said in one word, so we should think again about value standards. In particular, the position of developed and developing countries is very delicate. “

In response to this, moderator Shu Yamaguchi said, “Being convenient, comfortable, and economically prosperous is a kind of straight line model of development, and the countries that follow are also straight lines. It is said that the model of development follows the pattern. The person above it is the ruler of that person, and the person below the straight line is behind. “Great Reset” also means that you have to ask how to apply the ruler. Perhaps those who think we are behind are more socially rich in humanity. It may be nurturing, “he said, throwing a ruler at the definition of what social affluence is.

  • Experts in discussion

    Experts conducting discussions (captured the distribution screen of different types of fighting battles)

What will happen to the world due to the diversification of rulers?

In addition, he mentioned Eriko Yamaguchi’s story about Myanmar that suicides increased due to the lifting of the ban on SNS, “We think that it is absolutely good to be free and armed with technology, but individuals. Some people are rather unhappy when they look at individuals. Given that, we have been thinking about modernization and financial prosperity for the past 200 years or so. I thought I had to think about myself. “

On the other hand, Sputniko! As a cultural issue, he said, “It’s true that the ruler is being questioned, and I think it’s true that Europe and the United States have told other countries that this is a ruler!” I think it’s true that you try to rethink it with “Reset”, but when you talk about it, it can be very annoying. In some countries, there are still women who are 10 years old and get married. It is such a culture! It cannot be overlooked even if it is said that it is such a culture. Just because the ruler is diversified, I think about where to draw the line. ” In response to his opinion, Mr. Sako said, “I think there is a very important point in that story. From the perspective of Japanese people, India may be seen as inconvenient in a dirty environment. However, from my point of view, I thought that living in such an environment was an insanely creative thing. For me, who studied modern architecture, I never saw it in modern architecture. And I introduced the architecture to a townhouse in Kyoto. My research is to think about what can be learned from their point of view. In terms of design, these points come out quite a bit. However, I think that human rights should be protected. “

Heterogeneous martial arts battle ’20 where each person’s stance gradually began to appear and the discussion began to heat up. Next time, after a heated discussion, the scheduled time was exceeded, and the discussion that flew further under the theme of the second half of the game, “How do you want to reDisign?” I will deliver the state of.

(Next time will be posted on November 16th)