STMicroelectronics announced that it has established the LaSAR Alliance (Laser Scanning for Augmented Reality) as a business ecosystem to promote the development and dissemination of augmented reality (AR) smart glasses solutions.

The alliance is made up of technology developers, suppliers and manufacturers, with STMicro as its founding members, Applied Materials (AMAT), Dispelix, Mega1 and Osram.

The aim is to develop AR smart glasses that can be worn all day by promoting the rapid development and adoption of AR smart glasses applications, the development and technical support of important technologies required for mass production, and the acquisition of technologies. That’s it. For that purpose, there is a technical problem of ensuring a good viewing angle (FoV) and a wide eye box (a range in which the eyes can be moved without losing sight of the image) while achieving miniaturization, weight reduction, and low power consumption. , ST Micro’s MEMS Micro Mirror Platform, Osram’s Small Illumination Light Source Technology, and AMAT and Dispelix’s Advanced Wave Guide Manufacturing Technology can be integrated into Mega1’s small optical engine, the alliance said. ing.

Participating companies explained that it will be possible to realize more advanced AR technology by bringing in their own strengths, and will put into practical use AR smart glasses that are compact and lightweight and can be worn all day long. I want to achieve it early.