South Korea’s English-language business media “Business Korea” reported on November 3 that Samsung Electronics has invested a total of 74 billion won in semiconductor manufacturing equipment (equipment and equipment) and parts manufacturers. According to the newspaper, the investment will be the second largest major trading company investment in 2020, following the 110 billion won investment made in late July 2020.

The breakdown of the investment is 20,720 million won for semiconductor manufacturing equipment manufacturer “KCTech”, 21,670 million won for semiconductor equipment parts manufacturer “MicoCeramics”, and 18,990 million won for semiconductor equipment accessory equipment manufacturer “LOTVacuum”. It is said to be 12.7 billion won by “New Power Plasma”, a manufacturer of incidental equipment for semiconductor devices.

KCTech supplies Samsung with CMP equipment, which is a competitor to Ebara Corporation and Applied Materials. MicoCeramics is a company that manufactures ceramic heaters that heat wafers at high temperatures in the semiconductor manufacturing process. LOTVacuum is a dry vacuum pump manufacturer, and New Power Plasma is a company that independently develops RF generators, which are the main components of semiconductor manufacturing equipment.

These four companies, which have received investment from Samsung, will strengthen their partnership with Samsung, while Samsung will also secure a part of the management rights of these four companies and promote the development of suppliers that immediately respond to their demands. It will be. In response to these movements, South Korean semiconductor industry officials said, “Since the export of major semiconductor materials to South Korea was suspended due to the Japanese government’s export restrictions on materials to South Korea in 2019, Samsung has been working on materials and parts in South Korea. It is focusing on strengthening the supply chain of the equipment industry and is aiming to complete the domestic ecosystem. “