Renesas and Altran have announced that they will collaborate on the development of a wearable platform for social distance measurement using UWB (Ultra Wide Band).

In February 2020, Renesas announced that it would be licensed for UWB technology from 3db Access, a fabless semiconductor company specializing in UWB low-power chips, and will use that technology in this development as well. That is.

The UWB chipset used for the wearable platform is said to be a combination of the “Renesas Synergy S128 MCU” equipped with a capacitive touch key function and the UWB technology for distance measurement licensed from 3db access.

Since this product supports LRP (Low Rate Pulse), it operates with 1/10 the power consumption of other social distance wearable devices and can measure with a distance accuracy of 10 cm or less, so it can maintain social distance. It is said that the required accuracy can be achieved.

The wristwatch under trial production allows the user to set the distance, and when the distance is closer than the set distance, the LED and vibration warn the user.

Renesas plans to start offering samples of ranging UWB chipsets in the second half of 2021. As a co-developer and system integrator, Altran will develop wearable solutions that utilize UWB-based platforms and related location-based applications, aiming to expand into various markets.