LeapMind announced on October 15 that it has started offering the “Efficiera FPGA Partner Program” for social implementation of Edge AI.

The program aims to “co-create AI-equipped products and solutions that can solve customer issues,” and PALTEK, Macnica Ultima Company, and Genic are participating as the first certified partners. By participating in this program, customers will request by combining their products and services with “Efficiera,” a semiconductor IP that enables advanced inference processing on edge devices using the ultra-small quantization technology developed by LeapMind. It will be possible to develop and provide services and systems according to the needs, and to develop package services with added value to Efficiera. In addition, it is possible to provide technical support for projects from engineers who are good at edge AI of LeapMind, and joint promotion in collaboration with multiple partner companies.

Efficiera is a low power consumption AI inference accelerator IP that realizes CNN inference arithmetic processing on FPGA or ASIC with low power consumption and small area. In the practical application of deep learning models, the edge with FPGA is increasing due to the increasing number of cases where inference is executed at the edge instead of the cloud due to the issues of bandwidth, real-time performance, economy, reliability, and security. Development is underway to make it easier for devices to use deep learning, and it is scheduled to be officially released in the fall of 2020.

The target of this program is a solution provider that has the core technology that is indispensable for building an AI-equipped FPGA system and has built a relationship of trust with customers for many years. LeapMind will continue to increase the number of participating companies. To that end, it plans to proceed with its efforts.

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