Housing layout in the data center

  • Earth simulator

    The Earth Simulator consists of 320 PN housings for computing nodes and 65 IN housings for crossbars.

In the ES system configuration, 640 nodes are connected to a single-stage crossbar. Therefore, when communicating from any processor to any processor, the number of passing stages of the switch is one, and the network is not congested and the communication time is not long.

As shown in the following figure, the single-stage crossbar connects 64 IN housings + crossbar control unit housings and 320 PN housings all-to-all, and requires 83,200 cables. become.

  • Earth simulator

    Since 640 computing nodes and 65 IN chassis are connected all-to-all, 83,200 cables are required for a 640 x 65 x 2 system.

The following figure shows the layout of the data center floor. 65 IN housings are lined up in the center, and the crossbar occupies a large space of 13m x 14m. The total length of the 83,200 cables will be about 2,400 km, and the weight of the cables will be 140 tons. After all, a single-stage crossbar of this scale is a monster.

The 320 PN housings are arranged in a nearly circular shape so that the cables connecting the PNs are as short as possible. The ES body occupies a floor space of 41m x 40m. Magnetic disk storage is placed outside it to fill the floor of the surrounding data center.

  • Earth simulator

    Data center floor plan. 65 IN housings occupy a central 13m x 14m space, and the PN housings surround it in a circle so that the distance is short.

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