At the “BioJapan 2020” exhibition on bio-business held at Pacifico Yokohama in Kanagawa Prefecture from October 14th to 16th, Space Bio Laboratories and Technowell will be at the booth of the Yamaguchi Prefectural Industrial Technology Center. We are demonstrating using the gravity control device “Gravite”.

Gravite is a type of device that can change the direction of gravity using rotation.The International Space Station (International Space Station) by rotating a sample 360 ​​° around two orthogonal axes and integrating the gravity vector on the time axis. It makes it possible to realize the same 1/1000 G microgravity environment as the ISS). By changing the control method, it is possible to build a hypergravity environment up to about 3G. It was developed by Professor Yuge of the Bioenvironmental Adaptation Science Laboratory, Graduate School of Medical Sciences, Hiroshima University, based on the results of many years of research. In 2015, a microgravity simulation at NASA’s Kennedy Space Center It is said that it is being used overseas, such as the installation of two of these devices at the center.

At the booth, it was introduced that the device was used to suppress stem cell differentiation and establish a highly efficient and high-quality stem cell culture method.

By the way, inquiries from various places were so strong that all the current models were sold, so the demo was done using the initial version of Gravite. It is said that there are requests for the development of Gravite that supports larger capacity from overseas, etc., and we would like to proceed with the development including support for complete sterilization in the future.

  • Gravite

    Gravite demo

Also, in the same booth, various technologies owned by companies in Yamaguchi Prefecture are introduced in addition to Gravite. For example, Shinwa Seiko, Anode, and Mito Kogyo’s spheroid production equipment for high-viscosity media is a system that spots cell suspensions in high-viscosity medium to streamline the formation of uniform spheroids. By mechanizing the work that was being done, cell death can be reduced and dead volume can be minimized, making it possible to reduce the cost of regenerative medicine.

  • Spheroid preparation device for high-viscosity medium

    At the booth, there was also a video explaining the operation of the spheroid preparation device for high-viscosity medium.

Yamaguchi Prefecture is also trying to develop and commercialize solutions that meet the needs of society, not just in the biotechnology field, by utilizing the seeds that are the research results of neighboring universities and the technology of the local industry. We want to continue to do so, and we will continue to actively work toward industrial revitalization.