Austrian EV Group (EVG), a manufacturer of wafer bonding and lithography equipment for MEMS / semiconductor device manufacturing, has adopted Die-to-Wafer (D2W) hybrid batch bonding technology using existing wafer bonding technology and processes and bonding layer materials. Announced that it has demonstrated placement accuracy of 2 μm or less throughout the process flow.

The results will be an important milestone in accelerating the application of hetero-integration (HI) to next-generation 2.5D and 3D semiconductor packages. The board used in the demonstration was provided by CEA-Leti / IRT Nanoelec in France.

The technical document highlighting the results of this D2W batch joining process was announced at the recently held Electrochemical Society (ECS) PRiME 2020 Conference and can be downloaded from the ECS website.

D2W batch joining technology essential for hetero-integration

State-of-the-art applications such as artificial intelligence, autonomous driving, extended / virtual reality, and 5G require the development and production of high-bandwidth, high-performance, low-power devices at low cost.

Semiconductor manufacturing is moving toward hetero-integration as traditional 2D semiconductor scaling faces manufacturing cost issues. In other words, they are trying to improve the performance of next-generation devices by integrating multiple different parts and dies of various sizes and materials in one device or package. In order to manufacture new types of devices such as 3D ICs, chiplets and segmented 3D SoCs at low cost, D2W batch junctions that enable transfer of functional layers and non-defective dies will be an essential process for hetero-integration. The company explains.

Markus Wimplinger, director of EVG’s Intellectual Property and Technology Development Headquarters, said, “EVG has provided proven solutions and expertise for over 20 years to support advances in hetero-integration, including D2W bonding. One of them is that EVG technology is used in many mass production applications, and EVG provides a development base for customers and partners with new products and solutions using 3D / heterointegration. As part of these efforts, a new approach using D2W batch joining has been developed, and in this research, all major processes can be performed with high placement accuracy and yield. It proved to be. “

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    Die on wafer after collective D2W bonding (Source: EVG)