On October 12, AnGes received all 30 cases as planned in a phase 1/2 clinical trial of a DNA vaccine for new coronavirus infections being developed by the company at Osaka University Children’s Hospital (Osaka University Hospital). In response, it announced that all inoculations had been completed.

The clinical study, which has been inoculating 30 healthy adult applicants (30 cases) since early September 2020, is proceeding with the aim of examining the optimal inoculation interval and number of inoculations as a vaccine. Based on the inoculation dose of 2.0 mg per inoculation, “2 inoculations at 2 week intervals by 10 cases”, “2 inoculations at 4 week intervals by 10 cases”, “2 week intervals by 10 cases” It is divided into the group of “three inoculations in Japan” and is proceeding until September 30, 2021 as the planned study period (including the follow-up period of 52 weeks from the first inoculation).

According to the company, vaccine development is proceeding as planned, and after the completion of vaccination, after follow-up, the results of Phase 1/2 clinical trials at Osaka City University Hospital and Osaka University Hospital will be comprehensively judged. The preliminary results will be released in the fourth quarter of 2020.