A feature that is attracting attention on the iPhone 12 is support for “HDR video recording”. HDR video is a high-quality technology that improves the reproducibility of brightness and hue by expanding the width / band of luminance information recorded as video. Up to iPhone 11, shooting was not supported even if playback was OK, but the point is that the iPhone 12 series is compatible with “Dolby Vision” as well as being able to shoot.

This HDR video shot on iPhone 12 is best played on iPhone 12 in conclusion. It can be played on other smartphones / computers and TVs, but the impression may differ from the memory at the time of shooting. It doesn’t shine and sparkle as much as it looks with the naked eye, and may look like a non-HDR video (SDR video).

One of the reasons is the display capability of the display used in the iPhone 12 series. All four models can play HDR video with a high peak brightness of up to 1200 nits (nit / nit is a unit of brightness), so if you watch it on a display where the maximum brightness is not as high as you can see with the naked eye. You can feel the brilliance and sparkle compared to.

Another reason is that we have not been able to interpret the brightness-related data that accompanies HDR videos shot with the iPhone 12 series. When you shoot HDR video with iPhone 12, brightness information is recorded according to the HDR standard called “HLG”, and the part that follows the Dolby Vision standard is treated as incidental data, but the incidental data can be interpreted appropriately. Currently limited to Apple products (iOS 14 and macOS Big Sur).

Although it is a Dolby Vision compatible HDR video, it is difficult to use it for applications such as watching on a large TV what was processed with the video editing application of the personal computer, regardless of whether everything from shooting to viewing is completed on the iPhone 12. .. Let’s hope that the editing environment will be improved someday.

  • I checked the video taken with iPhone 12 Pro on Mac (macOS Catalina). The playback environment does not support Dolby Vision, so the impression will be different from when you watch it on iPhone 12.