From October 2020, the transportation IC card “PASMO” is compatible with Apple Pay. Until now, Suica has been the only transportation IC card that can be used with Apple Pay for a long time, so this is good news especially for residents / commuter pass users along private railway lines in the Tokyo metropolitan area.

To use the PASMO on your iPhone, you need an iPhone 8 or later and iOS 14. PASMO communicates with FeliCa like Suica, but please note that iPhone 7/7 Plus that can use Suica is not supported.

All you need is an iPhone 8 or later and iOS 14, and you’re ready to go. PASMO is supported as standard by the Wallet app that comes with your iPhone, so you don’t need to download a dedicated app from the App Store. Launch the Wallet app, tap the “+” button on the upper right, and tap “Continue” on the Apple Pay screen that appears. PASMO will be displayed as a candidate for a transportation IC card, so follow the instructions on the screen. You can create and charge PASMO.

It is also possible to transfer (import) existing PASMO cards / PASMO commuter passes. In that case, after selecting PASMO with the transportation IC card, tap “Add your transportation IC card” on the charging screen, and you need the PASMO ID number and date of birth (required for the registered PASMO or PASMO commuter pass). ), Follow the instructions on the screen to transfer the balance and data.

To purchase a new commuter pass or set up auto charge, you need the “PASMO app” that can be downloaded from the App Store. If you want to use PASMO’s services to the full, such as displaying information on bus benefits, get them.

  • What you need to use PASMO on your iPhone