In response to the government’s request to reduce mobile phone charges, au (KDDI) was the first to announce a low-priced plan. With the rate plan “Smartphone Plan V” for UQ mobile, the monthly charge has been reduced to 3,980 yen by making a flat-rate call as an option while having a large data capacity of 20GB. It is also a point that you can communicate at a practical speed of 1 Mbps even after 20 GB is used up. Smartphone Plan V will be available after February 2021.

  • UQ mobile announces a new rate plan of 20GB and monthly fee of 3,980 yen.Flat-rate calling is an option, but it is a big attraction that you can use a large-capacity plan at the 3,000 yen level.

A low-price plan that is both low-priced and easy to understand. UQ mobile offers the “Smartphone Plan S” with 3GB for 1,980 yen per month and the current plan “Smartphone Plan R” with 10GB for 2,980 yen per month, but we will add Smartphone Plan V as a larger capacity plan.

  • Added as a higher-ranking plan of the current plan “Smartphone Plan R” with 10GB and monthly charge of 2,980 yen

The monthly fee is 3,980 yen, and the point is that the discount is only “UQ Family Discount,” which offers a monthly discount of 500 yen for contracts on the second and subsequent lines. You can also appreciate the fact that the price does not change after the second year.

Voice call flat-rate is an option, and you can make unlimited domestic calls within 10 minutes per call with the “Call Pack (60 minutes / month)” (500 yen per month), which allows you to make domestic calls for up to 60 minutes / month. You can choose from three types: “Unlimited Calling (10 minutes / time)” (700 yen per month) and “Unlimited Calling (24 hours anytime)” (1,700 yen per month), which allows you to make unlimited domestic calls for 24 hours.