Many iPhone users use headphones (earphones). Although it is no longer included with the iPhone 12, headphones are essential to enjoy music and games without disturbing others. I think many iPhone users are considering introducing wireless headphones as they change models.

With these headphones, the risk of continuing to listen at high volume is a problem. The World Health Organization (WHO) launched the “Make Listening Safe” initiative in 2015 to improve listening habits in audio equipment and entertainment facilities, and in February 2019, listen to music at high volume for a long time. We are also announcing that it may cause hearing impairment if we continue, so we are requesting the installation of a volume limit function.

In response to this trend, Apple has continued to enhance the safety of headphones. iOS 14.2 adds the ability to notify you when the measured headphone volume exceeds the WHO guidelines and automatically lower the volume.

To enable this headphone notification feature, open the screen in the order of “Settings” → “Sound and tactile” → “Headphone safety” and turn on the “Headphone notification” switch. After that, the sound emitted from the headphones in use is measured, and when the noise exposure limit standard (ex. 90 dB, 4 hours per week) is exceeded, a notification is given and the volume is lowered to an appropriate level. I will do it.

The volume of the headphones used is saved in the iPhone as history information. To check, launch the Healthcare app, select “Hearing” in the Browse tab, and tap “Headphone Volume” on the screen that appears. You can compare the transition of headphone volume and weekly.

Easy explanation of operating procedure

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    1 Open the screen in the order of “Settings” → “Sound and Tactile”

  • iPad iPhone Hacks

    2 Tap “Headphone Safety”

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      3 Turn on the “headphone notification” switch

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      Four You will be notified when you exceed the WHO guidelines